Training Proposals

Training: for companies, teams and management
Group size: up to 20 participants
Course language: English and German
Location of course: Inhouse or in the Mindfulness Worx facility

Goals of Training

The CBMT Training program is based on method of mindfulness. It increases the efficiency of your company and the work satisfaction of your employees.

CBMT improves individual performance ability and resilience, and leads to more attention, structure and focus.

Classical Training

– Introductory workshop
– Eight to ten weeks of training
–1 training unit per week of about 1.5 hours
– Daily 10 to 15 minutes training in a team is desired and Individual Training

Especially for executive management

– adapted to your particular needs
– flexible scheduling
– each appointment for 1.5 to 2 hours

Workshops on Mindfulness

– According to agreement