Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training

The Potential Project

Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) was developed particularly for use in companies and can be applied at every employee level. The training program is based on the attitudes and values of mindfulness theory. CBMT increases employees’ work satisfaction and helps increase your company’s efficiency.

CBMT was developed by Potential Project in Denmark and the USA and has been used successfully all over the world since 2009.

Wolfgang Schröder is a Senior Trainer for CBMT in Berlin.

Why are more and more companies using Mindfulness?

Our work environments are characterised by increased workloads, higher production- and time pressures, the needs to maximise flexibility and responsibility and the ever-present feeling that one must be online. Much suffers as a result, particularly our mindfulness.

Studies show that when we are with others or when we are carrying out a task, we are only focussed about 50% of the time on the people or the task at hand.

To put it another way: About 50% of the time, we are not really present.

Counterproductive multi-tasking and hectic activity for its own sake often take the place of planned action. But the ability to concentrate and to focus on what is really important is more important today than ever before. It is the central factor for an individual’s and a company’s success.

How would you change the work and the success of your company, if you could cause an improvement in those areas?

What is the effect of Mindfulness?

Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training shows the way to a future-oriented workplace culture, in which sustainability and employee well-being support improvement of the company’s bottom line.

CBMT includes the conscious observation of patterns, the scrutiny of structures and the gentle unlearning of habits which are no longer helpful. It improves interpersonal communication and leads to more clarity, structure and efficiency in the workplace. Personal automony as well as interpersonal relationships are strengthened thereby.

The following results of CBMT have been observed and confirmed by independent, scientific parties:

  • Improved performance on the job
  • Improved ability to solve problems
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Improved Work-Life-Balance
  • Improved work satisfaction
  • Lowered rates of employees’ giving notice
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved employee loyalty
  • Improved communication
  • Better ethical decision-making
  • Improved ability to cope with stress
  • Fewer conflicts

Our Programs

Potential Project’s CBMT does not offer an off-the-shelf product or service. You and I will discuss how to develop the potential of your company and your employees. We place great value on developing a program to your specific needs. The modular construction of our program allows a high level of accuracy in the fit.

We have as many solutions as we do customers but our experience has shown that the needs of companies can be outlined under three main points:

Performance and Effectiveness

A company’s success is dependent on correct action. We will only take the right decision when we are able to direct our attention at the right time to what is really important.

Balance and Resilience

Stress is a major risk factor for health. The cause of stress is usually not the task at hand but the play of thoughts about what could happen in the future. Our training offers an effective method to focus on successfully organising the present.

Creativity and Energy

Consciously focussing on the task at hand – how can we put that into practice on a regular basis?

Essential elements of the Training

Regardless of the individual solution we work out for you, whatever program or format you choose, these three important elements are always part of our training:

Work Methods and Workplace Culture

Our methods help you to integrate mindfulness in all job-related activities and processes, including meetings, discussions with employees, and in communications generally.

Mental Training

Mindfulness training strengthens you. It increases your creativity, sharpens your focus and teaches you to have a clear view of your surroundings. Our easy-to-learn methods help you to remain calm in tense situations, to keep your focus on what is important and to control your feelings and emotions.

Inner Attitude

When was the last time you were happy while working? When was the last time you lost your patience with someone?
Happiness and patience – which improve team spirit and output – are only two of the attitudes which we will strengthen in our training.

Mindfulness in the Company

Regardless of the specific context, we offer different formats through which you can bring mindfulness training into your company with a strong foundation.

The formats range from Impulse Lectures to single Workshops and from general employee courses over several weeks to intensive executive management training courses. We can also integrate elements of our program into your existing training programs.


An inspiring and motivating Impulse Lecture on the occasion of your annual meeting, a team-development day or such.
Our introduction to the subject „Mindfulness Training on the Job“ is inspiring, interesting and gives food for thought.


A half-day Workshop, filled with useful techniques and exercises which promote effectivity, positive work culture and creativity.
You hear what Mindfulness training can do for you and your employees in the everyday workplace and learn first exercises.


Our successful format is carried out over 4 – 12 weeks and insures continued implementation of the training. Training units of 75 – 90 minutes which we carry out in-house will be supplemented with daily exercises and Web-Seminars or other forms of online learing.
Training of coordinators from the pool of participants helps insure that the program continues after our cooperation has ended.

Mindful Leadership

A two- or three-day intensive course for executive management. Through role-playing, exercises and coaching formats, particiants learn how mindfulness training is an important factor in developing more authentic, effective and sensitive personnel mamgement.


Mindfulness training adapted to, and integrated smoothly into, your own training program for executive management and employees.

Are you interested?

Let’s talk about how we can help you and your company.

A little exercise to focus the mind

In this exercise we turn our attention towards the breathing and always return to the breath when the mind has wandered off.

Find a position on a chair where you can sit comfortably upright and place your hands on the legs or in the lap. The eyes can be closed or the gaze cast downwards.

To begin with turn your awareness to your body to really notice the sensations of how you are sitting. If you can notice any tension in the body, try to let go of them.

Now turn your awareness towards the breathing and observe the coming and going of the breath.

Counting after each outbreath, one number beginning with one and ending with ten, then counting backwards to one again.

The counting helps to stabilize the mind and supports the focus on the breath.

Finish the practice after five to ten minutes.

CBMT Training Proposals

Training: for companies, teams and management
Group size: up to 20 participants
Course language: English and German
Location of course: Inhouse or in the Mindfulness Worx facility

Goals of Training

The CBMT Training program is based on method of mindfulness. It increases the efficiency of your company and the work satisfaction of your employees.

CBMT improves individual performance ability and resilience, and leads to more attention, structure and focus.

Classical Training

– Introductory workshop
– Eight to ten weeks of training
–1 training unit per week of about 1.5 hours
– Daily 10 to 15 minutes training in a team is desired and Individual Training

Especially for executive management

– adapted to your particular needs
– flexible scheduling
– each appointment for 1.5 to 2 hours

Workshops on Mindfulness

– According to agreement